Everyone Says Hello

Contemporary art jewellery at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
10 January – 24 February 2019

Artists:  Benedikt Fischer  ∣  Neke Moa  ∣  Reinhold Ziegler  ∣  Helene Duckert  ∣  Máret Ánne Sara and Matt Lambert  ∣  Ahmed Umar ∣  Beatrice Brovia and Nicolas Cheng  ∣  Camilla Luihn  ∣  Katie Kameen  ∣  Nanna Melland  ∣  Jorge Manilla  ∣  Lisa Walker ∣  Dana Hakim  ∣  Heidi Sand  ∣  Veronika Fabian    Auli Laitinen    Darja Popolitova  ∣  Sigurd Bronger

Curator: Lars Sture

The exhibition Everyone Says Hello consists of works by 20 artists from across the world, who explore diverse approaches and current actualities through jewellery. The exhibition presents works  that manifest the contributing artists’ different geographical, cultural and political positions, but also links them together. Everyone Says Hello both addresses and problematizes the society in which we live, through themes ranging from equal rights, the use of resources and  climate-related challenges, to works that turn our gaze inwards by asking questions concerning spirituality, identity and gender.

Helene Duckert’s installations offer a visual archive of cultural highs and lows in which discarded objects and remnant materials collected from the city’s dustbins and garbage containers become a personal comment on contemporary living.

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Photo by Thomas Tveter


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