From the opening performance at Rosenkrantz’ gate 14, Oslo, Norway. 24.08.2019.
Part of the project Hannah Ryggen Army, in collaboration with Julie Ebbing. Photo by Vibeke Christensen.

Helene Duckert (b. 1988) is an artist, writer and art mediator from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) and OsloMet. Duckert graduated from KHiO in 2018, with an MFA in Medium- and material-based art. Duckert works with discarded and scavenged objects, detritus and obsolete materials, creating assemblages and installations that function as personal comments on contemporary living. Like an archaeologist who examines the remains of the last great civilisation, Helene Duckert finds new connections between human and its possessions. With small means and changing subtle and disturbing humour, surplus materials are transformed into meaningful objects that reflect life in an increasingly globalised world.

Currently based in Oslo. Member of NBK, NBF, BO.


2016-2018:      Oslo National Academy of the Arts (MFA): Master in Medium- and Material based Art 

2013-2016:      Oslo National Academy of the Arts (BFA): Bachelor in Medium- and Material based Art; Metal and Jewellery Department

2009-2012:      Oslo University College, Bachelor in Art and Design.

Solo Exhibitions

2021: Evig eies kun det tapte/Eternally lost, eternally gained, Østfold Kunstsenter (30.10-19.12.), Fredrikstad.

2020: Blue Chip Baby (produsert som Duckert Detroit), i samarbeid med Kjetil Detroit Kristensen. Babel Visningsrom (06.-22.03), Trondheim.

2019:     Globus Hystericus; Konsthall Marieholm (29.06.-01.09.), Marieholm, Sweden.

2017:      Subject To Change; Galleri Seilduken, Oslo National Academy of the Arts.


2022: “You Wouldn’t Stream a Glass of Water”. Performance og video for A Structure Envisioned for Changing Circumstances (ASEFCC) and Østfold Kunstsenter. Curated by Maija Rudovska, supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation, Norsk Kulturråd, Viken Fylkeskommune, U.S. Embassy in Latvia. Performed with Louise Evensen Herreira, filmed by Ramy Ghanem.

2020: Sirene. Commissioned by Kulturbyåret Mesén, supported by Oslo Kommune/Oslo Municipality.

2020: Sisters in Action, in collaboration with United Sisters/Forandringshuset, commissioned by MMW Arkitekter, supported by Oslo Kommune/Oslo Municipality

2020: Critic’s Corner, Pakkhuset, Oslo (09.01.2020). Commissioned by

2019: Hannah Ryggen Army, Rosenkrantz‘ gate 14, Oslo (24.08.2019). Commissioned by Mesén, in collaboration with Kulturrådet and Bilfritt Byliv.

Other work

2019: Scenographer (substitute for Jennie Bringaker), Ways of Seeing, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Orion Theater.

2019: Costume production, Origins – The Workshop, with Oleg Soulimenko,
Praxisfestivalen. Shown at Bananas, Oslo.

Public Commissions

2019-2020: Hannah Ryggen Army, in collaboration with Julie Ebbing. Rosenkrantz’ gate 14, Oslo, Norway. Commissioned by Mesén and the municipality of Oslo.

Group Exhibitions

2022: “Found and Lost”, Wergelandshaugen Kunstsenter, with Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel og Pippip Ferner, in relation to residency.

2022: Christmas Exhibition, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo. 

2022:Off The Wall”, Kösk, Oslo.

2022:Mardi Gras”, Galleri Mayday, Oslo. 

2022: “Os!o – You Won’t Believe it (but you better believe it)”, curated by Mathilde Carbel. Trondheimsveien 15B, Oslo.

2021:Are we human?” (30-year anniversary exhibition), Galleri Format, Oslo.

2021: Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo.

2021:A place in my mind”, Ekebergparken. I samarbeid med Kunsten å hjelpe og Janne Heltberg.

2021:20/20 Vision”, Duckert Detroit. Østlandsutstillingen.

2021: In the Eyes of the Child, Kunsthall Oslo.

2020: Self-portrait spectacles and Emojimasks. Prosjektrommet, Galleri Format, Oslo,

2020: Den Siste Festen, QB Gallery, Oslo.

2020: Villa Bazaar, Norwegian Sculptors Society, Oslo.

2020: Juleutstillingen/Christmas Exhibition, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo.

2020: Excerpts from a Future Retrospective, Duckert Detroit (samarbeid med Kjetil Detroit Kristensen). FRA BALKONGEN – Et blikk på den regionale kunstscenen, Stavanger Kunstmuseum. 

2020: 4+4, Kunsthall Grenland (03.10.2020-), Porsgrunn, Norway.

2020: Blue Chip Baby, by Duckert Detroit, in collaboration with Kjetil Detroit Kristensen. Babel Visningsrom (06.-22.03.2020), Trondheim, Norway.

2019: Juleutstillingen/Christmas Exhibition, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo Norway.

2019: Villa Bazaar, Norwegian Sculptors Society, Oslo, Norway.

2019: Toys, Kåken, Curated by Magdalena Kotkowska, Oslo Norway.

2019:     Everyone Says Hello; Kunstnerforbundet. (10.01.-24.02.), Oslo, Norway. Curated by Lars Sture and produced by Norwegian Crafts.

2018:     Traust. Graduation Exhibition (MFA); Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

2018:     IN DA HOUSE;  Athens Jewellery Week.

2018:     WIP Exhibition/FABRIKA 12; Melting Point: Biennale of Contemporary                                    Jewellery in Valencia.

2018:      Spring Depot 2018, Tenthaus Oslo. 

2017:      MOAN; Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 

2016:      Graduation Exhibition (BFA); Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Medium and Material based Art. 

2015:      Contemporary Artefacts; Collaboration with Ilona Treilib. Galleri Seilduken, Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

2015:      Open Call; Galleri Seilduken, Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

2015:      Hotweek; Galleri Seilduken, Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

2013:      Hotweek; Søylegalleriet, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. 

2012:      Graduation Exhibition; Oslo University College.


2018->:        Writer for Tidsskriftet Kunsthåndverk/Journal of Craft

2018->:         Formidlier/Gallery Assistant for Norsk Billedhoggerforening/Norwegian Sculptors Society

2018-2019:        Guide, Oslo City Hall.

2016-2017: Board member, Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

2016-2018: Guide, The Norwegian Folk Museum.

2014:          Guide, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo